Hi Nicole! I've messaged you before, but hello again. I wanted to say another huge thank-you for keeping us updated and posting bts pictures. It's really nice of you. :) And, I need your help with something! I run the castithientogenes tumblr and I'd like to have a record of cast birthdays so we can let fans know about them/plan birthday events, but there are a few birthdays I can't find. Do you know Dewshane, Justin, Trenna, and/or Jesse's birthdays? And, can't forget about yours! :)
itsnicolemunoz itsnicolemunoz Said:

Hi! Yes I would love to help you out with this, here are the ones I know:
Mine (Nicole) : June 24
Justin: October 27
Jesse: February 11
Trenna: March 7
Julie: May 1
Jaime: July 21
Tony: December 13
Steph: February 14
Mia: January 25
Grant: July 18 
Graham: June 22
Dewshanes I can’t seem to find.. but I will post an official “Cast Birthday Post” once I do! 

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