On set with the best brother I could ask for. 


Jesse Rath’s been doing a series of behind the scenes videos, and in this one, he talks with Jaime Murray and Tony Curran about Castithan. It’s good stuff! I wanted to add a couple of notes:

  • Jaime Murray’s absolute right. There was this one string of especially profane language I had to do for her in Castithan, and, try as I might, I simply could not say it in English. And Jesse was right: I couldn’t say it because I knew she would be hearing it! Ordinarily my English is very deadpan (just a simple translation), but I couldn’t deadpan that string of vileness knowing that dear sweet Jaime Murray would be hearing it. It was too much.
  • Really amused that jondura/gyondurǝ came up. Gyondurǝ is the plural of gyondur, “boulder” (cf. undur “rock”) in Irathient. They wanted it for the fight tent scene in the pilot, so I created it. Then for some reason they liked it, so it started getting used for other stuff. They show a clip from a scene where Datak says it, and for that I’d given Tony the usual Irathient phonetic, since it was an Irathient word. He completely mispronounces it—and mispronounces it in an absolutely impossible way (imagine only ever hearing the word “jeep” and then suddenly pronouncing it “guy-EEP”. It would never, ever, ever, ever, ever happen). To fix it next time, I just borrowed the word fully into Castithan, and give it the Castithan romanization jondura. Now it’s not mispronounced anymore by Castithans. But, yeah, that was one of those cringe-inducing moments for me (like Fionula Flannaghan saying “lie-ro” for liro. There are many moments like this when you create languages for tv/film), but I’ll take some of the blame for it.

But, yeah, I don’t feel bad swearing at Jesse. That guy’s so bad at Marvel vs. Capcom I feel like he kind of deserves it.



Jesse Does Defiance: Talking Tarr

Click here for the master post of “Jesse Does Defiance” videos.

This has been haunting me for a while: There are dogs on Defiance, but we only see a painting of a cat. Did cats die in the terra-forming event, like horses did?
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This is possibly the most interesting question I’ve ever gotten about Defiance. First of all, let me put the main issue to rest. I have it from the highest authority that cats are fine! There are cats on terraformed Earth in 2046. In fact, I’m sure they were supposed to be in several shots throughout the series, but they wouldn’t sit still long enough to make it on camera…

As for horses, I’ve also been told that the fate of horses shall be definitively revealed in the season 2 finale. Mark your calendars!

And, since we’re here, when I visited the set of Defiance during the filming of the pilot, I got to greet some of the “stray” animals that roamed the streets right as they were getting ready to go home. Here are a couple pups:

Here are some roosters:

And here are some rabbits (one of whom [I won’t say which] is a greedy little thing! He stole a carrot I was trying to feed to one of his friends—and he’d already had a carrot!):

Goodness, how cute.

Also, horses! It’s nice to hear… well… anything about my favorite animal.

Oooooo, I know what you’re talking about when it comes to horses.. heheheheheh >:)


Amazing job by the lovely Tweeters @JulieBenzFanS and @JaimeMurrayFan (JaimeMurrayFan here on tumblr) for their Defiance Project video. 

We can’t wait for season two of Defiance!

We have FANTASTIC fans! Every one of you in this video made me smile (yes, even you mr. hellbug). I don’t know if Janine is on Tumblr, but her collection of mini characters is so impressive and fantastic! I do know that Ana (The Lonely Nerdette)  is on Tumblr and she has created a few extremely adorable dolls for some of our cast. Kayla, who runs castithientogenes does an incredible job at keeping the spirit going and so do every one of you. I may not know you all by name but I do recognize some of your handles! I know I am pretty much ranting now but what I really wanted to say was thank you all for being such wonderful supporters of this show. 


Defiance Season 2: Jesse Does Defiance - Set Tour

Sugar is so fly.

Hey Nicole, I was wondering how you got into acting in Vancouver? :)
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Hi! I started at a very young age. I started by doing commercials and eventually non-speaking roles in film and television and as my resume built I started doing guest stars and such. In grade 12 I booked Defiance which was my first lead in a series. Everyones career is on a different path and on a different pace. Though I highly suggest taking classes and reading lots. 

Hope that helped! 


Have you ever been photo-bombed by a Sensoth? 
…I have. 

Just thought I should formally introduce my dog to Tumblr.

Lenny, this is Tumblr.
Tumblr, this is Lenny.


You're the absolute friggin' coolest. Your communication with the fans, your posts, you're just so awesome. Thank you for existing. <3
itsnicolemunoz itsnicolemunoz Said:

Thank you Bree! I read in your “about me” that you enjoyed writing, so do I! Its a fun hobby and if it makes you happy I encourage you to keep going. Thank you for the support. xx

Hey! I hope you've been having fun lately - or, at least, getting enough sleep. :) I'm curious about two things: if you could choose another language to learn, which would you pick? And, if you could be any animal in the world, which would you choose? These questions are a side effect of my constant boredom from schoolwork, so don't put them at the top of your list to answer if you have others. Have a fantastic day, Nicole. :)
itsnicolemunoz itsnicolemunoz Said:

Hi! I apologize for the late reply and thank you for caring about my sleep schedule! 
1) Spanish. I already know a little bit of it because my dad is from Spain and he tries to teach it to me when he can. My oldest sister Britta helps me as well. Soon enough I will be fluent.

2) Hmm..I love dogs but I don’t know if I would necessarily want to BE one. Monkeys are pretty cool, or something that could fly, or a tiger, or a sloth…  ”Grumpy Cat” seems to have a pretty nice lifestyle going on…

Thanks for the questions! Have a good day!