Glowing Crystal for the SYFY show Defiance. 3D printed plastic with dimmable LED.

Defiance fan art by: @studioofmm (Twitter, Instagram)


i just watched defiance and i’m gonna have to rewatch it in the morning bc i spent most of the time on twitter fangirling because the cast is everything and their livetweets are the most amusing thing ever

also that ending i think i need a moment


Lenny is sleepy.

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Hi David! Would love to have "Renew Defiance" written in Votan for fans to pass around! Thank you!
itsnicolemunoz itsnicolemunoz Said:


Indeed! Here it is in Castithan:

Give me the option and it’ll probably always be in Castithan. For whatever reason, Castithan’s easiest for me. But to the sentiment: Hear, hear! Ten seasons and eight movies!


Check out the latest Defiance Without Empathy episode review. It’s chock full of Twilight references because we spent a lot of time this week laughing at Edward glittering in the sunlight to soften the blow of Amanda’s increasingly worrying drug habit.

Filming a music video for a really cool band! Il keep you guys posted! 🎬🎶💕


Dickens introduces Citizens of Defiance for Dummies: Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley-Tarr

Love this!

"I’m gonna be a grandpa"



Tune into Defiance on Syfy at 8 pm ET and log onto Twitter to join in the conversation. Tonight’s live tweeting extravaganza will include:

Julie Benz | Graham Greene | Anna Hopkins | Trenna Keating | Stephanie Leonidas | Nicole Muñoz | Jesse Rath

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(3:30 pm ET) Also added to the line-up will be:

Kevin Murphy | Jaime Murray | Anupam Nigam (executive producer)

[Let’s go easy on the Unicorn Queen though - she’s on vacation]


Christie doesn’t even know. She doesn’t. Even. Know.

Sister saw this today…

Dinner with my dad.:)