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1. I am currently reading “Just Kids” by: Patti Smith
2. The song I’ve been listening to the most lately is “Better Days” by: Graham Nash
3. “A young doctors notebook” is a great mini series and everyone should check it out.
4. “Cream of wheat” is still and always will be my favourite breakfast.
5. I am in love with France. The buildings, the music, the art.. Everything.
6. I truly believe that if you work hard enough you can achieve your goals.
7. Sometimes I take myself for long walks around the city, I like to find small cafés where I can sit and study my sides.
8. Lenny, my dog, is named after my childhood teddy bear.
9. My first language is French.
10. “My Fathers Dragon” by: Ruth Stiles Gannett is my favourite childhood book.

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MAN, WHAT a finale! I am sure going to miss Defiance for another (near) year. I hope they get renewed by SyFy for season three because that finale left SO many exit points to explore next season.

While I’ve got you here, I’ve done a number of calligraphy pieces of character names from Defiance

FIrst though, the name of the show and town, “Defiance”











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Continuity photo from set.

Only one more day until the season finale!

Only one more day until the season finale!

What an incredible day! I can check this off the bucket list! What’s next?!

Lenny had a good time at the beach today!


Nicole went skydiving today, and it sure looks like she had fun! 

Hanging on set with my big brother.

Lenny turned 8 today!!
Happy birthday buddy! Xx


nicolemunozreplies I regret nothing.

Nicole Munoz doing the ice bucket challenge.

She has nominated the rest of the Defiance cast.

God this’ll be fun.